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Reaching above the top shelf

Doghouse continues to produce award-winning cannabis year after year. Its cult following by cannabis connoisseurs and growers on the west coast has made it one of the most sought after brands in some of the world’s most selective markets.

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Hands in the Soil, Eyes on the Stars

“When friends and legendary growers give me a rare seed, or I’m hunting and breeding new phenos, unlocking the journey & memories and coaxing delicious flavors from the flower is what it’s all about for me.”

—Jon “Hounddog” Hudnall

Over 15 years of Curating World-Class Genetics

In the early 2000’s, Jon was exposed to the methodologies and genetic material of some of the leading cannabis geneticists in the world. Since then, he’s been curating a catalog of some of the most exotic and sought after cannabis strains—even producing effect-specific strains for known artists and celebrities.

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